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Trip logging issue for iPhone

Trip logging issue for iPhone

Please check the troubleshooting instructions below:

Confirm that you are operating on the latest update of MileCatcher and update if available.

Make sure the MileCatcher app is launched and running in the background. Confirm the MileCatcher app is launched by following the instructions here

Check your iOS Settings:

iOS Settings > MileCatcher > Location Services > "Always".
iOS Settings > MileCatcher > Background App Refresh > "ON".

iOS Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode > OFF
iOS Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data ON.
iOS Settings > Cellular Data Options  > Data Roaming ON > Voice & Data LTE > Low Data Mode OFF

iOS Settings > Wifi > ON

NOTICE: Apple will periodically verify location service permissions for MileCatcher in pop-up messages, If you do not tap “ALWAYS ALLOW” each time, trip logging will STOP.

Check your MileCatcher App Settings:

Menu > Trip Detection is ON (located at the bottom of the in-app Menu. The icon should be green). If Trip Detection is off, tap and enable.
Menu > Work Hours. Are your work hours set to "do not track trips" for specific days/hours? If so, disable or adjust.

For any past trips that were missed, they can be added back manually via the in-app Menu > Trips > three dot menu in the top right corner > "Add new trip". Trips can also be added via from your PC or Mac > and clicking "+ADD" above the map view.

If you are still experiencing issues with trip logging after checking the troubleshooting instructions, please reach out to us at for assistance.

DO NOT uninstall the MileCatcher app until instructed by MileCatcher support.

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