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✓ Automatically tracks your tax deductible mileage
✓ IRS compliant
✓ App and Web Portal accessible
✓ Easy classification
✓ Customizable reports

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Unlimited automatic trip logging
Includes address, route map, distance, deduction amount, etc.
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Advanced features
Web portal access, auto-classification, statistics page, establish work hours, etc.
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IRS compliant reports
Export in PDF, Excel, CSV format, or email directly to your accountant.
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A mileage tracker for you!
Self employed, contractor, realtor, a driver for a delivery or ride share service (Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart, Postmates), etc… This app was built for you!
  • Easy Personal/Business classification
  • Custom Business rate
  • Garage with vehicle VIN
  • Unlimited reports – PDF, CSV or XLS format
  • Web Portal: Classify trips in bulk, custom reports and statistics
  • Advanced classification with custom purposes
  • Add trip notes, odometer, parking and tolls
  • Auto-Classify™ repeat trips
  • Set work hours. Log fewer trips. Saves battery & time.
  • Online back-up of trip log and reports
  • Admin delegation – let your accountant/admin help you file expenses
  • Free unlimited 30 day trial. No gimmicks.

Not sure how to deduct your mileage?

US Tax attorney Frederick W. Daily wrote two books on deducting mileage which we make freely available to download. Read these books and you will maximize your mileage and other small business income tax deductions. Share them with your friends and your accountant!

Fred also writes for our web blog and has published several small business tax books via Nolo Press.

MileCatcher for Teams

Want consolidated billing and team reports? See what Milecatcher Teams can offer your business!