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How to invite new team members to your Teams account

How to invite new team members to your Teams account

To invite more team members to your Teams account, follow the instructions below:

1. Login to from a PC or Mac.

2. click on the Teams icon pictured below:

3. If prompted, please confirm your login credentials.

4. This will take you to the Admin Portal.

5. To invite users click the "Invite users" button pictured below:

6. enter the email address(es) of the the team member(s) you would like to invite to your Teams account.

7. Click "Send invites".

8. Notify your team member to check their email for the invite link and follow the instructions. If they cannot see the invite in their inbox, please also check the spam folder just in case.

You can check if the invite was successful by confirming that their email address has been added to your Teams account through the Admin Portal. Their status will say "invited" next to their email address if successful.

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