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Account is not registering your paid subscription

Account is not registering your paid subscription

If you paid for a MileCatcher subscription, but your account is inactive and/or is still prompting you to subscribe, please check the following:

Confirm this is not a duplicate account issue by uninstalling/reinstalling the MileCatcher app > relaunch the app after reinstalling > tap "already have an account" > and log in with your original email and password. If you signed up for your original account by using the "Sign in with Apple" button, use the "Sign in with Apple" button again when logging back in. NOTICE: If you use the "Sign in with Apple" button but this was NOT how you originally set up your MileCatcher account, a duplicate account will be created instead. Please make sure you sign in to your original account using the same credentials you signed up with.

Do you have a payment made through iTunes, but it is not registering? You can resync your iTunes purchased subscription by navigating to the in-app Menu > Account > and tap RESTORE in the top right corner. You may need to force quit and relaunch the app after taping RESTORE to complete the resync.

NOTICE: Payments made through our website are synced using email. If you sign up for payment using a different email address than your MileCatcher account email, the payment will not link properly. Please ensure your payment email and MileCatcher account email match to avoid billing issues.

If you are still experiencing issues with your paid subscription, please reach out to us at for assistance! 

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