21 Best Work from Home Jobs in 2021

April 27, 2021
Team MileCatcher
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It's 2021 and easier than ever to find work from home jobs. Don't know where to look? We went and did the research. 

We’ve included median salary from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics 2020 data when available; otherwise, hourly rates or other salary estimates are sourced from publicly available information where we could find it.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Blogging (~$15/hour, indeed.com)

Start a blog to teach something, share a unique experience, or just to post memes. However you do it, if you can build a following you can earn money with referrals, advertising, partnerships and more.

2. Proofreader ($41140, BLS)

Read and mark documents for mistakes including typos, spelling mistakes, and grammar errors.

3. Medical Transcriptionist ($35,270, BLS)

Listen to recordings made by doctors and other medical professionals and transcribe them to text.

4. Online teacher (Varies)

Do you have special skills? Apply them by creating a course online, or teaching people with live video sessions.

5. Virtual Assistant ($40,990, BLS)

If you’re good at keeping organized, staying on track, and prioritizing work then being a Virtual Assistant might be a good fit for you.

6. Data Entry ($35,850, BLS)

Accurate and fast keyboard skills is a requirement, but data entry is a growing field with more companies wanting to use data that isn’t digitized.

7. Customer Service Representative ($35,830, BLS)

Work with customers to resolve issues or help them learn about a product or service.

8. Remote salesperson ($51,488, ZipRecruiter)

Online sales is just as important as going door to door, if not more so: online businesses still need customers to know they exist before they’ll get new business.

9. Virtual travel agent ($42,350, BLS)

Plan someone’s dream adventure for them! As society reopens more people will want to take a real vacation, and handling the logistics of getting there without spending too much money is often best left to the professionals.

10. Remote event organizer (varies)

Create engaging events for companies or just for fun! Identify what your clients need for their special event and participants will be sure to have a great time.

11. Graphics designer ($53,380, BLS)

Put your artistic skills to the test by creating logos and other artwork for online businesses, storefronts, merchandise and more!

12. Social media manager ($62,810, BLS)

Social media is vital to any companies’ survival these days, and increasingly the way we connect. The opportunities for maintaining and expanding a brand are huge, which explains why social media managers are needed in increasing numbers.

13. Test websites for companies (Varies on job)

Put on your troubleshooting hat: Some companies will pay you to test out their websites and give well written feedback. Check out https://www.usertesting.com/get-paid-to-test

14. Transcriptionist (Varies on platform and experience)

You can get paid to transcribe voice to text by lots of different companies these days. Check out Fiverr, Upworks, and Rev for some options.

15. Survey taker (depends on survey, usually $10+ per)

Have some free time? While is definitely in the "part time work from home jobs" category, why not fill out surveys about products you use or how you might react to a written statement. Check out Swag Bucks, CashCrate, and others.

16. Call center agent ($35,830, BLS)

If you’re a great listener you might want to work as a call center agent. Hours are sometimes flexible, plus you get to put on your empathy hat, listen to customers' questions and concerns and help them learn about your product or service.

17. Search engine evaluator

Ever wonder how Google and other search engines improve? Partly by paying you to review search results. Get paid to surf the web! Check out Appen’s “Micro tasks” to get started.

18. Freelance writer ($67,120, BLS)

Content is more useful than ever, and companies need to maintain a social media presence to rank highly for keywords relevant to their businesses. One option is to get paid to write blog posts, but you can also list your services on a site like Fiverr directly.

19. Resell items online (varies)

Set up a shop on Shopify selling whatever you want! You can dropship items, which involves working with a company to ship items directly to customers, or store items and ship them yourself. Alternatively, listing items with Amazon can be simpler if you can handle the shipping and storage fees.

20. Virtual receptionist (varies)

Companies wanting to look professional hire virtual receptionists to handle incoming calls, answer questions, and take messages for staff that might otherwise be unable to perform these duties. At the time of writing Indeed.com has over 6100 virtual receptionist jobs!

21. Virtual tutor (varies)

Haven't found a remote part time job that strikes your fancy? Have a knack for learning new things? Help others that don't with virtual tutoring services! Princeton Review hires tutors for math and test prep courses, or you can list your services on craigslist and host sessions over Zoom!

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Team MileCatcher
Originally Published
April 27, 2021