Free IRS Mileage Expense Sheet

December 22, 2021
Stefan Boesen
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Self employed or drive for work and want a little more cash in your pocket? The IRS lets you deduct business driving and related expenses with proper documentation. Use our free mileage tracker sheet to get started now!

What the IRS looks for when deducting mileage

The main fields the IRS looks for when expensing mileage are:

  • Date
  • Destination
  • Business Purpose
  • Start/Stop odometer
  • Trip distance
  • Expense descriptions and amount

Our mileage sheet contains all of this so you can start keeping track of your trips today! 

How to use MileCatcher’s free mileage expense sheet

  1. Download the MileCatcher Mileage Expense Sheet here.
  2. Keep track of the distance each trip is and log an odometer reading at the start/end.
  3. When you’re driving, keep track of related vehicle expenses for each trip like Gas, Oil, Tolls, etc. Our app makes it easier to keep track of this with fields for each trip, but the spreadsheet works too!
  4. At the end of the tax year (or whenever you file taxes) prepare a report of your mileage and keep them for your record in case of an IRS audit. Tips for avoid an audit can be found here

Not sure how to deduct your mileage?

If you’re not sure how to deduct your mileage we have an article on what the IRS requires for mileage deductions in more detail and another article on limiting your risk of getting audited by the IRS. Don’t forget we also have two free tax ebooks written by US Tax Attorney Frederick W. Daily which you can download here.

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Stefan Boesen
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