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Trip logging issue for Android 10 and above

Trip logging issue for Android 10 and above

Android 10 has altered their Location Permission settings. Please see our updated troubleshooting instructions below:

Verify your MileCatcher account settings:

Menu > Is the Trip Detection icon green? (located at the bottom of the main app menu)

Menu > Work Hours. Are your work hours set to "do not track trips" for specific days/hours? If so, adjust or disable.

Android OS Phone Settings:

Settings > Location > Use Location ON

Settings > Location > MileCatcher > Permissions > Location > ALLOW ALL THE TIME

Settings > Location > MileCatcher > Mobile data & Wi-Fi > Unrestricted data usage ON

Settings > Privacy > Permissions Manager > Physical Activity > MileCatcher > Allow

Settings > Battery > Disable any aggressive phone-specific battery saver mode. More details at:

Ensure WiFI and 4G/LTE Data is always on. Even when not driving.

Ensure Airplane mode is OFF

If you are operating on Android 9 or below, you can view past troubleshooting instructions here.

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